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This page summarizes the device release history and implemented features


Name Type Target Description
R2311 ES 12/23 First Engeneering Sample device
Next ES -- Next unplaned release

ES: Engeneering Sample Device (Prototype in limited availability)

GA: General availability (Full device release)

Features Map

Feature Release Description
TLOG/Linear R2311 Single pass Temperature Logging
TLOG/Ring R2311 Ring Buffer mode logging
NFC/Data R2311 Device status and points as NDEF records
NFC/CTRL R2311 Device configuration and control via NFC
Power/Runtime R2311 Measurement runtime min. 1 Year
NFC/User-Record Next Support for a user NDEF record that is readout with the main device data
Clock/Stable-RTC Next Support for Internal Stable Clock

Known Limitations

R2311 (ES)

Time drift

The First ES devices are not using a stable Real Time Clock little susceptible to drift, meaning:

  • The actual Log interval duration may differ from real-world time duration (For example the device logs data every 59 seconds instead of configured 60 seconds)
  • The interval duration will likely differ from device to device
  • Users must correct the real interval by calculating a trusted runtime from the start timestamp to the stop or readout moment timestamp.

Users must ensure the start and stop timestamps provided to start/stop commands are sourced from a trusted time source, like the clock of a Mobile device synchronized using network time.

Power Consumption / Management

The devices have limited power consumption and management optimisations:

  • Power Consumption during runtime is expected between 60uA - 100uA , which provides a minimal 1 Year runtime with the standard 3 AAA batteries
  • There is no automatic or command requested Off mode for storage - Users must ensure the power off switch is used to turn off the device when not used

Last update: 2023-11-22